DCA Is All About the Scientific Approach to Cricket!

Established in 2006, Daniel’s Cricket Academy (DCA) prides itself for providing the platform to the under privileged talented boys of S.V.E.S. High School as well as for its “Scientific Approach to Cricket” that has attracted many students from other corporate schools/colleges in and around Hyderabad.

Cricket is a sport of the body as much as it is of the mind, spirit, weathers, pitch patterns, ball types as well as conditions. Without knowing the science behind each of them, and the whole, hitting a ball hard, and bowling with 90M/hour or square turn does not mean much in professional cricket.

That is why we groom the all-around cricket stars with a scientific approach that would make them complete players of the game.

DCA in a Glimpse

  • DCA is not just a cricket coaching academy in Hyderabad but a team of students, coaches and parents that are on the same mission.
  • Goal of Daniel’s Cricket Academy is to maintain quality coaching standards and contribute best cricket players to represent INDIA.
  • Identifying the talented boys having the passion for cricket and ensuring wide range of support, encouragement and guidance to achieve their goal.
  • To make coaching facilities available and accessible to the talented boys from towns and villages of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

A Bit About Our Founder/Head Coach

DANIEL KANAPARTHI, a certified Level II Coach from England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB, United Kingdom) and an active member of the England and Wales Cricket Coaches Association, has an unparalleled passion for Cricket which he has brought to the future cricket stars through Daniel’s Cricket Academy in Hyderabad. His opting it as a career and opening his own Academy is helping the youngsters improve their game and move towards achieving their goal of representing INDIA.