Consultation makes Cricket Coaching even more Effective & Streamlined

Professional cricketing today needs enhanced planning, support and strategizing. The future of a cricketer depends upon a variety on inputs and experiences but to put everything together and focus on a path that’s designed to enhance growth and overall success, consultation acts like a catalyst bridging all gaps in between.

What is Consultation?

When a to-be professional in a traditional industry like engineering, hospitality or medicine seeks expert guidance about the right decisions related to their career and its future, they are seeking “career counselling”. Think of consultation from Daniel’s Cricket Academy as career counselling in terms of cricket.

This counselling is not just restricted to individuals but is also mindfully designed to help parent and/or guardian(s) understand what it really takes to get it right and what kind of support could help a great player turn into a star!

Consultation helps us understand each individual’s current situation with respect to aspects such as their inclinations, strengths, weaknesses, style of learning, past inputs and access to various resources and help work towards a balanced and well-planned strategy aimed to help achieve dreams and goals.

Consultation for Future Stars

Each year, thousands of wonderful cricket players from across India, leave their dream of becoming a professional cricketer behind and move on to more traditional career paths. It’s not just a broken dream for the once-aspiring individual but also one less genuine candidate to represent the country’s future in cricket. The most loved sport and the aspirant, both deserve more than that and a few sessions of consultation can be the step in understanding the right direction!

Future stars get expert guidance and inputs custom tailored to suit their goals and their situations. Age is virtually no bar here as success could mean different things and require different inputs for different individuals.

Is Consultation also Provided Online over Video Calls?

Today’s fast paced life and the changing environment make expert cricket consultation more easily accessible. For the aspirant as well as their parents and/or guardian(s), we provide options of consultation at the academy or from the comfort of their home over video calls.

Can Consultation for Parents be Beneficial?

Consultation helps aspirants focus and grow in the right direction towards their goals. However, certain aspects of consultation can benefit greatly by the understanding, cooperation and active participation from parents and/or guardians of the aspirants.

Cricket and sports are much like other traditional careers in that dedication and a knack for the sport/subject in an individual are of a great help. And just like supportive resources like the right schooling, university, books and other inputs can be of immense value to career-oriented individuals, so can some corresponding resources be of immense value to rising cricket stars.

For example, if your child is an aspirant, your support and understanding of the priorities, required financial investments, dietary needs, lifestyle changes and many other such aspects that we discuss during consultation, can contribute greatly towards the success of your child in cricket.

Also, we believe that interaction with us will help you gain confidence in both your child as a future cricketer and in your valuable investment.

Is Consultation Restricted to Coaching Related Topics?

Consultation at Daniel’s Cricket Academy is a specialised service that encompasses all-rounded strategies aimed towards success. It takes much more than just coaching to make a great career in cricket and while we focus on a vast number of areas, here is a short list of the main focus points:

  • Coaching and practice inputs required
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal-oriented strategizing
  • Fitness routines required
  • Diet and lifestyle changes required
  • Mental focus and motivational training

Can a De-Motivated Individual Who’s Good at Cricket receive help from Consultation?

We at Daniel’s Cricket Academy value mental health and motivation as much as we value physical fitness. It takes a strong drive to be a successful individual in a path less taken and not everyone understands this, which is why it can take expert support. If you know a talented individual who seems de-motivated to move in the right direction, we are here to help.

Through our consultation service, we work to understand the factors that need to be addressed and help individuals bust their resistances and get guided in focusing on what helps move towards the right direction.