Cideo Analysis

Video Analysis helps Enhance Strengths & Iron-out Mistakes

Are there times when you know you could’ve done something better given a second chance? And are there time when you know you can do better but are uncertain what refinement is required to get you to do it?

If any of those questions are answered with a yes, you already know what the purpose of Video Analysis in cricket is and that it can help a player up their game to the level of refinement that their potential could be at!

What is Video Analysis?

It is a simple and effective technique used in modern cricket coaching – parts of a player’s performances are captured on video and experts analyse the performance with a constructive aim to fine-tune future performances to get the best out of an individual.

Sometimes recommendations given can be as simple as a change in posture or a shift in focus of attention during a moment while at other times, more careful analysis may reveal the need for strengthening certain muscle groups or practicing breathing exercises to reduce stress if that’s affecting performance.

How Does Video Analysis Help in Sports?

Simply speaking, the valuable inputs one can gain by reflecting upon their performance in the company of an expert, can help cross the bridge from being an amateur to being a true professional on the way to success.

Video Analysis is lauded by sports industry experts across the globe. Here are a few ways in which it is beneficial in cricket:

  • Tracking and understanding progress
  • Injury prevention
  • Understanding fitness training focus areas
  • Alleviating certain weaknesses
  • Understanding scope for better teamwork

Video Analysis is offered On-Site and Remote through Video Calls

Our experts are not just restricted to on-site video analysis at the academy. While one can benefit from pre-installed and calibrated equipment here, we also work with fairly well recorded videos and our experts shall be ready to guide enthusiasts in the right direction remotely as well as on-site.

Do note that in case of remote guidance, the videos may require a certain level of lighting and recording quality and specifications and when you contact us with such queries, we shall be able to guide you regarding these needs.

Whom is this for?

Video Analysis at Daniel’s Cricket Academy shall be able to help dedicated individuals who wish to enhance their skills in cricket with relation to any specific area or in a broader sense of gameplay and overall performance.

Although it is used most by individuals aspiring to be professional cricketers, everyone from pros to amateurs – can stand to benefit from video analysis of their recorded performances.